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If you're interesting to promote your products and services, Hong Kong Hypermarket can be one of the best advertisement media for your business.
We have many users visit us everyday and number of users are growing!
Doing business is difficult without having the right location, domain names, and any other marketing effort.
Hope we can help you with what you're looking for.

In order to post your products and services, first you will need to create your business account at Hong Kong Hypermarket.

 Please remember that we will also select our partners like you do for searching the best marketing media for your business.

Products and Services Listing Service

The powerful products and services listing search engine is the heart of Hong Kong Hypermarket primary advertisement method for your business. Many of our customers are finding the products and services they're looking for through our products and services search engine. Our user friendly search functions including the keyword search, alphabetical search, category search, and more. Think Unique and List Many. You will find all necessary information through our Merchant Advertisement Control Center portal. Starting business with Hong Kong Hypermarket is as easy as you browse other websites. We are here to help. 

Promotion Listing Service

This service are only limited to the promotion you're running currently. The promotion are ranked, special promotion, anniversary promotion, and monthly promotion. This service will provide more visibilities to our customers to inform your promotion.

Products and Service Showcase Service

Products and Service Showcase service is available for merchants, service providers, and manufacturers. Your business will have the special showcase section for your products and services. The showcase allow you to inculde additional photographs and longer description which will attract our customers.