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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check these FAQs before you ask. :)

Q: Where or how can I contact you?
A: Please click on "Contact" from our menu. We apologize the new layout may confuse you. Please click on "Contact" and send an email to with your inquiry.

Q: I found your website from the famous search engine. Can I link your website?
A: We appreciate your interest. Please send your information before linking your site. Also please do not link our website to any pornographic website or any illegal content website.

Q: Can I buy directly from Hong Kong Hypermarket?
A: No. If you are purchasing either products or services, you're purchasing directly from the merchant or the service provider. We are here to aid you to find the merchants and the service providers. For the T&C of purchase, please check with the merchant or the service provider prior to purchase.

Q: I am looking for products/services. Is this free for me?
A: If you are a buyer, then it is free of charge for you. Please seek for the best deal and have a fun. :)

Q: I am from oversea. Can I buy from HONGKONGHYPERMARKET?
A: We, Hong Kong Hypermarket, do not sell directly to the customers, so this will be up to the merchants and service providers. Please contact the merchants and service providers.

Q: Do I need to register?
A: For the normal usage, you don't. If you like additional services, it is up to you. The registration isn't a bad thing to let us know who you're.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes, of course. But it could be vary among the merchants and service providers. Some merchants may not ship anywhere except your billing address or alternative shipping address to protect the credit card fraud. But it is actually your protection. Please work together with the merchants and service providers to process safe credit card transactions. 

Q: Do you have an API? I want to connect to my website.
A: Sorry, we don't have that feature yet. We like to keep things simple as possible. But it's good question!

Q: I purchased the products/services from you. But I am having a problem. Can you help?
A: When you purchase your products or services, you're directly purchasing it through either the merchants or service providers, but not from Hong Kong Hypermarket. Please contact them for any problems.

Q: I am an online merchant. How can I find the information for advertising?
A: We appreciate your interest. Please let us know your business information and what services you're interested in. Please click on "Contact" and send an email to with your inquiry.