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About Us

Hong Kong Hypermarket has been established with the passion of Internet technologies.

Our mission is utilizing this website, Hong Kong Hypermarket as useful as possible it can be in price, Asian product and service search engine for you. As the leading online product and service search engine, we have thought through the possible contribution which can benefit you rather than selling directly to you.

In shortly, you will see our proprietary listing service which will allow our customers to find the product and service easier than ever! Since then the Internet came to live, it has been one of our best method to find what we're interested. Usually when we think to buy something, we check online first before you really purchase. However it is really difficult to find the particular products and services when you're really looking for. Also even you find them, it could be very rare to find the stores near by to you. So we decided to make the media so that you can find what you're looking for around your area. Our search engine can be filtered by your choice, merchant rating, pricing comparison, and store location.

We also thought about helping the online merchants who are honestly providing the best price and services possible at their stores or websites, but their websites are sort of "Hard To Find" unless you know how to look for exactly in most popular and famous search engines. So we decided to link you to those stores and online merchants and you can find what you need when you need it.

For online merchants, our efficient product listing service enhance sales channel through our website. Our customers are looking for the product or service which you provide. No promotion required or special pricing required for products and services listing, but it would be nice if you have one. :) 

Manufacturers and Service providers can advertise their available products and services through our website. If your organization is aiming to promote your products in US, this would be good start for you. Our mission is to connect you, merchants, and manufacturers through our website, again, using the Internet technologies.